Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back in Missoula Again - Ready to Go!

Yes, I am finally back in Missoula. Great to see that Mary Nellis from FSSS has all the food organization under control. Everybody else has also pitched in to get things going. Passang and Neil, with Robyl, has the arch underway (I just saw it today at the farm); Ari and everyone else have been busy with the flyers and handbills - and we are already getting a lot of questions about the venue, time etc. (they should really read the flyers and handbills! - but we are happy to oblige of course). Ellen's ready with the Costco card to get purchases done Friday with help from Jeanne, Mary and many helpers. And the Bhutanese are all set to put on a good show on Saturday. Josh (PEAS Director) also put in a phone call for some archery equipment - looks like its all coming together. Oh, we also got an offer of venison contribution (true Montana meat) from a well wisher. There's a lot of updating to do, I know. And I have been lost in my travels and work. But I WILL definitely put up more pictures of the days to come, and finally will put up a vlog of the event!

We had an update meeting today at 5:00. Thanks for coming - we took stock of what we have so far, and what else needed to be done. Best of all - no stress. We want this to be an enjoyable process. Its all about fun after all.

Keep up the good work. 2 more days ONLY till the big day!

(Random picture: Tshojong Dzong, Lunana)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Falling behind

Sorry about the delay in posting the last couple of days. I was traveling, and now I am in New York for a series of meetings and such things. Mary Nellis had already checked out kitchen space etc. and Ugen and Neil were asking around for information on the arch. That's all good. We need to get moving. I have responded to Mary by email on the kitchen. Regarding the arch, you all should get in touch with Robl and I will send you his phone number and have him give you a call as well. More to come soon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What lies ahead

Props to all who could make it to the Oval yesterday, and to those who were there in spirit. Apart from the two girls and a guy 'funny dancing' near the grizzly, the background music was alright. But, we did manage to get the following sorted out, in terms of dividing responsibility:
1. Food - Sangay Wangchuk and Mary Nellis
2. Welcome arch - Ugyen Namgyel and Niel Larubbio (plus Rob Lindig)
3. Sports - Passang Norbu and Wangchuk Dorji (plus Robl and Ari?)
4. Transport and Mobility - Ellen Cheng/Robl
5. Music and Sound - Tshering and James Randall?
6. Publicity - Ari LeVaux and Tshewang Wangchuk
7. Prayer flag printing - the Bhutanese ladies
8. Bon fire - TBA
9. Overall coordination - Ari, Tshewang

Hope this covers most of what needs to be done. Dr. Sarah Halverson suggested we subdivide the Food group into 'Harvesters' and 'Preparators.' I think that is a good idea as we will have to coordinate with Josh about the harvests. But we leave it up to the Food group. Thanks Sarah for announcing the event in your class.

If there is anything, please leave comments below.

PS: blog post courtesy of free wi-fi at MSO airport. 

Random picture - (Yak caravan leaving Tshochen, Snowman Trek)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whither thou, Robgay la??

I have not been able to track down one key person for the event, our very own Robl, or Robgay. A lot of the infrastructure and the darts, of course, depend on this tall man. I am sure he is out enjoying the summer on the river or in the mountains, but we have not heard back from him for a while. So, Robgay la, give us a holler if you are around, soon. 

Missoula is buzzing with activity these days - the River Roots Music Festival just ended this weekend, students are back at the U, professors are all psyched about the new semester (I think), and we are all ready to go! Can't complain about the weather these days, we even had a thunderstorm a few evenings ago. It's pretty pleasant today. See y'all on the Oval.

PS: Just got word that Robl is indeed enjoying the outdoors of Yellowstone, but also saving lives there.

Random picture (Tshokar lake above Singye Dzong).