Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What lies ahead

Props to all who could make it to the Oval yesterday, and to those who were there in spirit. Apart from the two girls and a guy 'funny dancing' near the grizzly, the background music was alright. But, we did manage to get the following sorted out, in terms of dividing responsibility:
1. Food - Sangay Wangchuk and Mary Nellis
2. Welcome arch - Ugyen Namgyel and Niel Larubbio (plus Rob Lindig)
3. Sports - Passang Norbu and Wangchuk Dorji (plus Robl and Ari?)
4. Transport and Mobility - Ellen Cheng/Robl
5. Music and Sound - Tshering and James Randall?
6. Publicity - Ari LeVaux and Tshewang Wangchuk
7. Prayer flag printing - the Bhutanese ladies
8. Bon fire - TBA
9. Overall coordination - Ari, Tshewang

Hope this covers most of what needs to be done. Dr. Sarah Halverson suggested we subdivide the Food group into 'Harvesters' and 'Preparators.' I think that is a good idea as we will have to coordinate with Josh about the harvests. But we leave it up to the Food group. Thanks Sarah for announcing the event in your class.

If there is anything, please leave comments below.

PS: blog post courtesy of free wi-fi at MSO airport. 

Random picture - (Yak caravan leaving Tshochen, Snowman Trek)

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