Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back in Missoula Again - Ready to Go!

Yes, I am finally back in Missoula. Great to see that Mary Nellis from FSSS has all the food organization under control. Everybody else has also pitched in to get things going. Passang and Neil, with Robyl, has the arch underway (I just saw it today at the farm); Ari and everyone else have been busy with the flyers and handbills - and we are already getting a lot of questions about the venue, time etc. (they should really read the flyers and handbills! - but we are happy to oblige of course). Ellen's ready with the Costco card to get purchases done Friday with help from Jeanne, Mary and many helpers. And the Bhutanese are all set to put on a good show on Saturday. Josh (PEAS Director) also put in a phone call for some archery equipment - looks like its all coming together. Oh, we also got an offer of venison contribution (true Montana meat) from a well wisher. There's a lot of updating to do, I know. And I have been lost in my travels and work. But I WILL definitely put up more pictures of the days to come, and finally will put up a vlog of the event!

We had an update meeting today at 5:00. Thanks for coming - we took stock of what we have so far, and what else needed to be done. Best of all - no stress. We want this to be an enjoyable process. Its all about fun after all.

Keep up the good work. 2 more days ONLY till the big day!

(Random picture: Tshojong Dzong, Lunana)

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