Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whither thou, Robgay la??

I have not been able to track down one key person for the event, our very own Robl, or Robgay. A lot of the infrastructure and the darts, of course, depend on this tall man. I am sure he is out enjoying the summer on the river or in the mountains, but we have not heard back from him for a while. So, Robgay la, give us a holler if you are around, soon. 

Missoula is buzzing with activity these days - the River Roots Music Festival just ended this weekend, students are back at the U, professors are all psyched about the new semester (I think), and we are all ready to go! Can't complain about the weather these days, we even had a thunderstorm a few evenings ago. It's pretty pleasant today. See y'all on the Oval.

PS: Just got word that Robl is indeed enjoying the outdoors of Yellowstone, but also saving lives there.

Random picture (Tshokar lake above Singye Dzong).

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